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OUR PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS and include shipping/handling within the United States:
(for explanation of price change see our Homepage)

For orders of 25 pounds or more the price is $10.00 per pound.
For orders of 3 – 24 pounds the price is $11.00 per pound.
Regardless of number of pounds ordered all pitch to Canada will cost $9.50 (U.S.) per pound plus shipping costs (via USPS Air Parcel Post figured using number of pounds plus 1 pound for packaging materials per 15 pounds of pitch. Check your shipping costs at usps.com and/or ask us to give you a quote).
Marcia Lewis’ book “Chasing” is $22.00 in the U.S. or $20.00 (U.S.) PLUS shipping for Canadian customers.

To order our pitch or Marcia Lewis’ book please send check, money order or school purchase order (Northwest Pitchworks does not accept credit card orders)to us at:
Northwest Pitchworks
1317 Roland St.
Bellingham, Wa. 98229