Northwest chasers pitch is a vegetable, or pine-tar based pitch that is resilient, has a non-tac surface, and binds well to metal. Unlike other pitch products, Northwest pitch uses no asphaltum, coal-tar, or petroleum products in it’s preparation. The result is a less smokey, and less toxic, “user friendly” pitch with a pleasant odor. (pleasant or not, Northwest Pitchworks strongly recommends that work with pitch is done in a well ventilated area. A fan should be at work level drawing any fumes away from the user. Gloves and eye protection should be worn when heating or cracking pitch. Use caution: always heat pitch with a “soft” flame.)

Northwest chasers pitch is available in three different grades of hardness – Soft, Medium, and Hard – with the versatile Medium being recommended for all purpose use. All three grades are compatible for mixing if you wish to customize our product for your particular needs.

1 pound of pitch is equal to roughly 1 liquid cup.  If you have the bowl or other vessel you wish to fill  then the easiest way to determine your needs is to see how many cups of liquid it will hold and then round up to the nearest even number of pounds as we ship only 2 and 4 pound cartons with 4 pounds being the minimum order.


OUR PRICES Have remained the same since 2005 and are as follows FOR UNITED STATES ORDERS:
FOR ORDERS OF 26 POUNDS OR MORE (any grade) the price is $10.00 per pound.  Includes non-rush shipping via USPS
FOR ORDERS OF 4 to 24 POUNDS the price is $11.00 per pound. Includes non-rush shipping via USPS.
All INTERNATIONAL ORDERS regardless of number of pounds ordered will be $10.00 (U.S.) per pound plus shipping costs. (Shipping to Canada will be via U.S. Postal Service Air Parcel Post and should arrive in 4 – 10 days from the date shipped (as predicted by USPS. Delays can occur at customs so order early.) Cost of shipping will be determined using number of pounds ordered plus 1 pound for packaging per 15 pounds of pitch.

Now selling Marcia Lewis’ book “Chasing, Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications”.
Price for Marcia’s book is $22.00 in U.S. (shipping included).
INTERNATIONAL customers pay $20.00 (U.S.) PLUS shipping costs.

We ask that you allow 7-10 days for shipping within the U.S. Often shipping times can be shorter. Rush orders e.g. overnight or 2 day shipping can be arranged at increased cost. PLEASE ALWAYS ORDER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AS SUDDEN RUSHES OF DEMAND CAN SOMETIMES PREVENT IMMEDIATE SHIPPING!! Leave any important deadlines such as class start dates on phone messages or emails when you contact us.

To order please send check, money order, or school purchase order to us at Northwest Pitchworks, 1317 Roland St., Bellingham, Wa. 98229. We can be contacted by phone at 360-715-1772 (though we do not keep regular hours) or email at northwest_pitchworks@yahoo.com Please let us know if you have any questions about the product before ordering or comments on how it is working for you once you have received it.

Thank you, That’s the pitch on the pitch. Thanks for checking out our website. We look forward to hearing from you.